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Why Team Roping is growing in popularity

  • Regular competition at local club level.
  • Both genders encouraged to compete together on an equal basis.
  • Coaching and competitive opportunities provided throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • Development of training processes in line with roper classification and ability levels.
  • The availability of ATRA representative trainers to visit each region to provide local instruction and support.
  • Either an individual or team sport which encourages family involvement.
  • Either highly competitive in the open events or relaxed in the less competitive ones.
  • Suitable for the very youngest member through to the oldest.

Further Information

The ATRA and Team Roping Events

The ATRA sanctions and affiliates events throughout Australia and New Zealand. Spots won at these events qualify each competitor to compete at the National Finals held in Capella each year in October.

Current Affiliate Producers

The ATRA sanctions producers and clubs that hold regular ropings in their region. These producers are committed to providing well run family friendly events that encourage new participants, and some older ones back, into the fun sport of Team Roping. These producers regularly hold development days and clinics as well as running ‘Jackpot’ ropings that cater to all levels of ability. These events are conducted under the guidelines and rules of the ATRA.

Affiliate Program

The ATRA encourage all those interested in running an event wherever they are through their affiliate program. Each producer must give due notice and advertise their event, adhere to the RopeAustralasia classification system, collect memberships or day memberships from each competitor, offer personal competitor insurance, follow the ATRA event guidelines and adhere to the ATRA rulebook.

Format of Events

Event Producers are not required to follow a set format of events. However all ropers must be members of the ATRA, the ATRA classification system must be utilised and event details must be advertised no later than 14 days prior to the event to be deemed points.

Payout System

Addback amount must be advertised on the website. Entry fees are broken down into; cattle levy + addback+producer+ATRA levy ($7). Producer levy covers the costs of such expenses as arena hire, equipment hire, staff, cattle cost and freight etc.

Barrier Penalties

To align the ATRA with the US, all barrier penalties are set at 5 seconds.

TeamRope Australasia Classification

A classification system that follows the standards set out by the USTRC Triad System. This system has enabled the ATRA to assign each roper a classification that reflects their roping ability and horsemanship skills. The ATRA will administer and update regularly this standardised classification and competitor numbering system that encompasses all levels of team ropers throughout Australasia. The ATRA has appointed a classification panel to review and allocate numbers regularly. Our classification panel are long standing highly respected ropers and horsemen in their own rights. Importantly, the ATRA will also provide a fair appeals process for any disputed numbers.


In an effort to keep the allocation of points as simple as possible for each roping competition held, points shall be awarded to the top ten average placings; the allocation of points to each header and heeler is to be on a 10 to 1 basis.

Team Roping events with 20 or more teams or competitors for barrel race & bareakaway roping will be allocated points 15 for first place through to 1.5 points for 10th place. (One & a half times the normal points)

Australasian Finals

The Australasian Finals will be conducted as the culmination of each year of competition.  If there are 14 and under teams/competitors in an event the first top 3 placings will gain spots, if there are 15 and over teams/competitors the top 5 placings will gain spots. In the 3D barrel race the horse is the competitor and hence can then gain a spot with one rider, and be competed on at the Finals with another. All competitors must compete at 3 ATRA events throughout the year to use their spots in the Finals.

Become an Event Promoter

ATRA representatives will help and advise you on running your events upon request. Training will be available for you, if requested, to ensure that you are familiar with all of the processes. Affiliation with the ATRA guarantees your event will be advertised on the website as part of the official ATRA Events Calendar. Members will need to enter your events and gain spots to enable entry to the Australasian Finals. ATRA points can only be awarded at ATRA Sanctioned and Affiliated events. Members will have to come to your ropings in order to gain points. The ATRA will assist you to run development days. Your region will be included on clinic tours as they are planned.