Promoters information

The ATRA sanctions Promoters and Clubs that hold regular roping’s in their region. These Promoters are committed to providing well run, family friendly events that encourage new and existing Members into the sport of team roping. Each Promoter must pay an annual affiliation fee, give due notice to advertise their event, adhere to the Triad Classification System, collect full and event memberships from competitors, follow the ATRA event guidelines and abide by the ATRA Rulebook.

Event Promoters are not required to follow a set format of events at their jackpots, however, they must run at least one team roping event and are encouraged to run events that cater to all levels of ability. Along with team roping events, ATRA Promoters are able to run affiliated events including breakaway roping, barrel racing, rope & tie contest and steer wrestling.

ATRA representatives will be able to assist and give advice on running events. Training will be available, if requested, to ensure that Promoters are familiar with all of the processes.

Affiliation with the ATRA guarantees that events will be advertised on the official ATRA Website and social media platforms. ATRA points can only be awarded at ATRA sanctioned and affiliated events so Members will have to enter these jackpots in order to accumulate regional and national points and entry spots to the ATRA National Finals.


Instructors information

The ATRA Committee endorses Instructors who have competent skills and experience in their chosen discipline. Clinics and schools are integral to the association’s development program, Promoters and Instructors may apply to the Committee for financial support in conducting these events on behalf of the ATRA.